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Lens Division

At OSA Lens division, we are a one point solution to your entire requirement in ophthalmic lenses. We supply both finished and semi finished lenses to Rx Laboratories, wholesalers and independent distributors.

Our product range varies from the basic mineral single vision to the latest designs in progressive added lenses with all types of coatings.

To cater for a speedy delivery, we are strategically located at Singapore with a big warehouse containing nearly 3 million lenses of all types to serve you anytime.

Single Vision
The simplest form of spectacle lens is the single-vision lens, made to a single prescription to correct a particular eyesight problem. Concave lenses are used to correct short sight and convex lenses to correct long sight. The weight and thickness of the lens also depends on the material of which it is made and also on the size and shape of the frame in which it has to be fitted. Traditionally, spectacle lenses were made of glass but most lenses are now lightweight CR39 (Columbia Resin 1939) and there is a wide range of materials from low index of 1.498 to 1.74 with value added services from Hard Coat (Scratch Resistant), anti UV, anti EMI, Hard Multicoating to Easy Clean (Super Hydrophobic), photochromic lens changeable color and Tint (Colored) Lenses, available to suit your prescription and lifestyle. 
Bifocal lenses contain two optical corrections with a distinct dividing line between the two parts. The most common use of bifocals is for people who have become presbyopic and need a different prescription for close work. The upper part of the lens corrects distance vision and the lower half is for near vision.
Varifocal lenses, also known as progressive lenses, are used for correcting presbyopia but unlike bifocal lenses have no visible dividing lines between the different corrections. Instead they have a graduated section in which the power of the lens progresses smoothly from one prescription to the other, allowing the wearer to see clearly at all distances. These lenses also have the benefit of looking better - they don't draw attention to the ageing process.